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Training is a must! If you cannot start with a class right away, start with some books. Get an idea of what acting is all about. The books listed here are ones I have read and recommended to my acting students. I have met and trained with Anthony Meindl and his way of teaching is phenomenal.


Book the F*cking Job book for actors

In “Book The F*cking Job,” Anthony Meindl, celebrated acting coach, follows up his bestsellers with a dynamic manual for actors globally. Marking the 20th Anniversary of Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop, this edition comes in various colors to match your mood. Meindl distills over two decades of teaching into a groundbreaking approach that embraces creativity, mindfulness, and the power of the “f*ck it” attitude, encouraging actors to release control and embrace the unexpected in their performances. This concise guide is packed with insights on technique, the industry, and life, making it an essential resource for the modern actor looking to make a mark.

uta hagen respect for acting book

Uta Hagen’s “Respect for Acting,” published in 1973, has become an essential read for actors, blending timeless techniques with personal insights. Hagen, an influential instructor at the Herbert Berghof Studio, has shaped the talents of actors like Robert DeNiro and Whoopi Goldberg. This book provides a comprehensive look at the craft of acting, offering detailed exercises for physical, verbal, and emotional development to bridge actors’ self-concept with their roles. “Respect for Acting” remains a pivotal resource for actors at any stage, advocating for authenticity and truth in performance.

Audition-book by Michael shurtleff

Drawing from his extensive experience as a casting director for iconic Broadway shows and films, Michael Shurtleff shares his expert insights in this invaluable guide for actors at all stages. From beginners to seasoned professionals, this book provides the essential strategies for a successful audition, covering twelve key guideposts including style, pacing, and the art of making impactful eye contact, among others. Shurtleff’s advice spans the spectrum of performance genres from drama to comedy and musical theater, offering techniques to avoid over-acting, handle distractions, take risks, and master the subtle art of seduction on stage.

Sanford Meisner on acting book

This captivating book offers a window into the teachings of Sanford Meisner, a renowned figure in acting education. Spanning fifteen months, it chronicles the journey of his acting class from basic exercises to the execution of complex scenes from modern American plays. Co-authored with Dennis Longwell, the book stands as a vital resource for both novice and seasoned actors. It showcases Meisner’s unique approach to teaching, characterized by empathy, encouragement, and a focus on eliciting genuine emotion and laughter, as well as technical skill from his students. Readers will find inspiration and invaluable guidance in the pages of this book, making it a must-read for anyone serious about the art of acting.

At left brain turn right-Anthony Meindl book

This guide challenges the notion that creativity is reserved for a select few. It argues that the barrier to creative expression is not a lack of talent, but the dominance of the left hemisphere of the brain—the analytical, logical part that often stifles creativity. Through engaging stories from his own experiences, the author offers a roadmap to quiet the left brain and awaken the creative force within. Whether you’re in the arts or sciences, this book is a clarion call to embrace your full creative potential and live a life beyond conventional limits.

Acting in Film Michael Caine book

The legendary Michael Caine invites readers into the world of film through his eyes, sharing a treasure trove of insights gained from over twenty-five years in front of the camera. This book is a masterclass in the nuances of film-making, covering script preparation, collaboration with directors, character development, and the intricacies of voice, sound, and movement. Caine meticulously unravels the layers of film production, from navigating set politics to understanding the hierarchy of film bureaucracy. Every page is a revelation, offering pearls of wisdom on the art and craft of cinema from one of its most iconic figures.

self management for actors bonnie gillespie

“Self-Management for Actors” empowers actors to take charge of their careers by mastering the business aspect of the creative industry. This comprehensive guide offers insights into developing a personal brand, identifying and targeting potential opportunities, and creating compelling content that highlights your talents. It also teaches you how to pitch effectively, ensuring you make a strong impression as a professional. With a focus on achieving balance and self-sufficiency, this book is designed to help actors build a rewarding career and advance to new heights, regardless of their location. Learn to become your own best manager and navigate the path to success with confidence.

how to audition on camera

Unlock the secrets to successful auditions with this essential guide, answering the top questions actors have about presenting their best selves on camera. Learn what casting directors are really looking for, how to recover from mistakes, and how to avoid common errors even seasoned actors make. Discover whether to memorize your lines or read from the page, how to dress, and the extent to which improvisation is acceptable. This book is designed to clear up myths and provide current, actionable advice for actors at every level.

acting for young actors

Designed specifically for the aspiring young actor, this book is a comprehensive toolkit for developing acting skills. Starting with the foundational five W’s, it guides readers through character analysis, motivation, and scene setting. The book moves beyond simple performance tips to offer exercises for overcoming challenges, detailed advice on auditioning, rehearsing, and improvising, and insights into breaking into the industry. It’s the go-to guide for any young actor looking to make their mark in film, theater, and television.


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